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Thank you for your donation! You can add your name to the list of 2018 PowHer™ Players standing up for women by making a one-time gift of $100 or more (or a recurring gift of just $10 per month). With a gift of $250 or more, you will be part of our new PowHer™ Circle and its quarterly briefings.

PowHer™ New York is a network of 100+ diverse organizations and cross-cultural, multi-generational individuals collaborating to accelerate economic equality. To vastly improve women's economic well being, we expand public understanding, advocate for stronger laws, and catalyze collective action to create the urgency to fuel change. PowHer™ New York is non-partisan and not-for-profit.

To address the problems of unequal wages and opportunities for women, we tackle six key areas to create P-O-W-H-E-R™: Poverty Solutions, Opportunity and Access, Workplace Fairness, Healthy Lives, Equal Pay, Representation at all Tables.

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